And Finally...

Don,t Get Stung

On our travels we hear a lot of stories about customers being ripped off with pest control pricing and treatments.     If you are seeking advice or help with a pest problem do some homework before you call.

  • Check the number provided on the advert on google and see if the phone number is local to you and also that it does not belong to a call centre offering roofing, drain clearing, and other services. This is usually a give away that the company is not local and will be charging the earth for a job they are often not qualified to do.
  • Is the pest technician qualified? The R.S.P.H certificate is overseen by the Royal Society For Public Health. It is a benchmark level to which all pest controllers should achieve. Would you let an electrician work in your property without the relevant training? Well why would you let a pest technician use poisons and chemicals without knowing how to use them safely.

Bed Bugs Fleas and Biting insects

They are with you 24 - 7 !!

We often get calls for fleas and biting insects in the home. Many times customers have tried really hard to treat them themselves using shop brought sprays. Alas the cat, dog or bird flea is more resilient and can torture the house residents for many months before help is bought in. We can treat fleas and bedbugs in one or two visits depending on the infestation. Often working out cheaper than the cost of shop brought sprays which fail to kill all the stages of either insects. Call us for a home vist to enable a swift resolution to the problem.   

Mice & Rats

You Dont Want To Live With Them

Mice and rats can carry salmonella, weil's disease and generally are opportunists when it comes to sourcing food water and shelter. I have dealt with rats under bath tubs, mice in lofts and rats living in a cupboard in a house they never fail to amaze me where they can choose to make home and how industrious they can be, The owners of the properties are usually stunned and concerned to say the least that they have been sharing their beloved home with vermin often going unnoticed for months. Rats and Mice need controlling we can gain control with up to date poisons and a three part visit programme which will not only kill the rats and mice but enable advice to be sought on stopping the problem recurring.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Control in Lincoln & Gainsborough

Wasps pose a danger to the public later in the summer months due to their insessant need for sugar. Once the queen wasp comes out of hibernation in the spring she will quickly raise workers to take over nest and foraging duties leaving her to lay many young brood to increase the colony. By late summer the nest can contain several thousand wasps and can become a danger to those in its surrounding area. Please do not try and use shop bought sprays on wasp nests Please call in a professional to make the nest safe. 

Mole Control

Mole Catcher using Traditional Traps.

Traditional Mole Catching you can be sure of gaining control of your troublesome moles in a quick and timely fashion. Many of our customers will try and catch moles in their gardens and fields using inferior traps, smoke bombs or mole deterrents. This not only allows the mole to make more mess in the area but often means money is spent on products which will never solve the problem . We only use British made kill traps which dispatch the mole quickly and will leave you mole free usually after one visit.

Michelle at Queen Bee Pest Management is a fully qualified pest controller and after experience working for Rentokil has served her customers well for many years.

With an ever increasing client base both domestic and commercial customers she understands her clients need for a prompt and professional pest control service with an eye for detail.

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