Wasp nests can become a major nuisance in late Summer when wasps often seek sugar as a food source, this is when numbers are high and when most stings are received by the public. Please be aware that using shop brought sprays and treating the nest can put you in great danger of wasp attack. 

Some of our clients have tried to remove the wasp nest before calling us and have been stung quite badly in the process. Call us and we can make the nest safe with no danger to you, your family or pets. Leaving you wasp free.

Wasps Nest In Our Area Safely Treated 

£50 - £55

Wasp Control For Lincoln & Gainsborough AREAS

 When you call you will be given a fair price with no obligation. We have been carrying out wasp nest treatments for many years and most calls are from previous customers who trust in our service. 

How many other pest control companies are as transparent with the price they charge ?  How many are qualified to RSPH standard with full insurance to do the job safely.

Wasp Control, Wasp Nest Removal

Lincoln, Gainsborough and  surrounding areas. 2021 wasp season is up and running.

Wasps are controlled in a safe and efficient manner using the most effective insecticides available. 

We offer clear pricing for wasp control in Lincoln, Gainsborough and local surrounding villages. Based in Sturton By Stow we get to you quickly and deal with your wasp nest problem without any fuss. Insured Qualified and Trusted. Looking forward to helping you with your pest problems.